Occasionally you will encounter students who have certain needs and requests in their learning. DU has many different departments set up specifically to assist with these needs. Their job is to level the playing field for these students, your job as an instructor is to hold these students accountable. A common misconception is that it is the faculty member’s responsibility to be extra lenient, when in fact the necessary accommodations should have already been made by the time the student gets to class.

It is standard practice to ask students to notify you during the first week of class if they have special needs or accommodations. Don’t hesitate to contact the departments referenced below with questions, concerns and to ask advice about how to proceed.

Students with Disabilities

  • DU has two programs that provide support for students with disabilities. The Disability Services Program facilitates delivery of basic accommodations to undergraduate and graduate students with documented disabilities, which may include test accommodations, alternate format texts & materials, note takers, sign language/oral interpreters, or referrals to other services and programs.
  • Visit the FAQ guide about working with students with disabilities at DU.
  • The other program for students with disabilities is the Learning Effectiveness Program (LEP). This is a fee-for-service program that provides academic support services beyond basic academic accommodations such as support sessions with academic counselors, subject-specific tutoring, writing development, and time management and organization skill development.

Religious Holidays

  • DU students are granted excused absences from class if needed for observance of religious holy days but should contact instructors to make alternate arrangements during the first week of class. Visit DU’s religious accommodations page for information and a list of religious holidays.

Student Athletes

DU sponsors National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) student-athletes at the undergraduate level in seventeen different sports. Student-Athlete Support Services are in place to assist  these students in their academic work. According to their policies, student-athletes are responsible for informing their instructors of any class days to be missed due to DU sponsored varsity athletic events in which s/he are participating.

Students of Concern

  • Visit Pioneers CARE for advice or to submit a report if you have concerns about a student’s academic or social behavior or well being.

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