The OTL provides instructional design assistance and workshops for faculty members interested in developing online courses. Online instructors must complete the OTL’s Teaching Online Short Course before teaching an online course.

What is the Teaching Online Initiative?

In 2009, 14 DU faculty members participated in a pilot project to explore the value of providing traditional undergraduate students the opportunity to take online courses. These faculty members completed the Teaching Online Workshop and participated in a series of faculty development sessions to learn how to develop a quality online course. The vast majority of faculty members who participated in the pilot indicated that they felt that the faculty development activities were necessary for them to learn how to teach online, that the initial creation of an online course was time-consuming but that they would teach an online course again because of the generally positive outcomes they observed. The program has now expanded to include graduate level and hybrid courses.

What is the difference between an online and a hybrid/blended course?

An Online/Distance course is a course in which all or nearly all of the organized instruction is conducted online or by distance learning methodologies. A Combined/Hybrid course is a course in which online (or other distance) instruction is combined with face to face instruction, where a substantial portion of the face to face instruction is replaced by online instruction.

Are there guidelines about online courses?

There is a minimum duration of four weeks for online courses and we recommend that online courses limit enrollment to no more than 20 students. It is important that online and hybrid courses are correctly identified as online or hybrid within the DU scheduling system. The schedule type is “Online/Distance” for online courses and “Combined/Hybrid Methodologies” for hybrid/blended courses.

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Thinking about teaching online? Take this Faculty Self-Assessment for Online Teaching Preparedness to see if you are ready for online teaching.

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