In the spring of 2019 DU faculty were invited, through the Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL) to join Paul Michalec (Morgridge College of Education) and Paula Adamo (Languages and Literature) for a conversation and exploration of Laura Rendon’s book; Sentipensante: Sensing/Thinking.  Her book offers a rich description of a teaching philosophy and engaged pedagogy that favors holism, integration, and community while also attending to critical thinking and rigor.  Core to her reconceptualization of teaching and learning in higher education is the Aztec understanding of “difrasismo”, where two allied concepts (subject and object) are pulled together forming a third unified concept (knowing in relationship).  Rendon’s goal is to free the hearts and minds of professors and students in service of learning.  She brings to the conversation her experience in higher education as well as data from conversations with faculty who teach in ways counter to more traditional forms of pedagogy in the academy. 

Spring 2019 Participant Feedback

Faculty who attended the book study offered the following reflections on what they found most helpful about the Sentipensante book study.

When asked to provide feedback on the ways the Sentipensante book study informed their current thinking or teaching practices, faculty offered these thoughts.

2019-2020 Next Steps

Paula Adamo and Paul Michalec are continuing the conversation through the creation of a Faculty Learning Community (FLC).  All faculty, regardless of whether or not they read the book or participated in the book study, are welcome.  The Sentipensante Faculty Learning Community will meet from 12:00-1:00 in the Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL) conference room located on the third floor of Anderson Academic Commons.  Bring your lunch. 

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