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Flippity is a website that offers a multitude of free games. Each game comes with instructions and a template with sample data already included that can be swapped out with course information. While users play the games on the Flippity site, the actual data is housed on a Google Drive spreadsheet in the game maker’s own Google account. One of the most appealing features is that the player can switch the game type, such as from a flashcard to a matching game, and it will automatically create a different game from the same data. Thus, students can choose the game type that best works for them. Flippity is free but since it works with Google Sheets, an account will be needed with Google. (The University of Denver does not have G Suite for Education). 

Website: Flippity 

The templates that are included on the Flippity website offers an easy way to get started. The technology features Flashcards, Interactive timelines, Word clouds, Certificate quizzes, Progress indicators, Memory games and more Board Game type activities.  

  • Timeline to teach history. The Flippity Timeline template is a perfect way to present history with a resource that clearly lays out an overarching picture of what has happened. It allows the teacher to edit each date and add in as many or as few events as needed. 
  • Student self-assessment. The Flippity Self-Assessment allows teachers to present questions with multiple choice answers. By selecting a combination of certain answers, the student is revealed as falling into a certain category. For example, this can be used to determine if a student prefers to work alone or in groups, enjoys one subject over another, knows more about a certain topic than another, etc. 
  • Build a tournament. Drawing out a tournament grid is one way to keep track of progress, but using a Flippity version is so much easier by allowing you to input all the names then simply click the one who wins and their name will automatically appear at the next stage. 
  • Certificate of completion. A great way to ensure students have completed a quiz task, and learned from it, is to award a certificate when they have all the answers correct. This, on Flippity, is laid out as a basic TV show quiz, but can easily be edited to suit the task being taught. 

Flippity’s Google Sheets templates enable you to create interactive learning materials such as: 

  • Flashcards 
  • Quiz shows 
  • Interactive timelines 
  • Typing speed tests 
  • Scavenger hunts 
  • Word clouds 
  • Certificate quizzes 
  • Wordsearches 
  • Progress indicators 
  • Memory games 
  • Bingo 
  • MadLibs creators 
  • Random Name Picker 
  • Board Games 

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  • Partial support of Text to Speech (TTS) such as NVDA, Jaws, or Voiceover
  • Partial support of Speech to Text (STT) such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking or Voice Dictation 
  • Can partially navigate with a mouse when appropriate
  • Support Screen Magnification and Color Contrast 
  • Has an accessibility statement, contact support personnel, and a product team that can enhance accessibility 

Flippity is free but some features are supported by ads. This technology is not included with the University of Denver.  

The University of Denver does not directly provide technical support. The Office of Teaching and Learning may consult on pedagogy. 

E. Perales, E. Chorro, B. Micó-Vicent, K. Huraibat, J. Espinosa, V. Viqueira (2020) Design of a Game Based Learning Experience: Escape Room In Environmental And Occupational Optometry, ICERI2020 Proceedings, pp. 6129-6133. 

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OTL Technology Rating
GREEN technologies are appropriate for teaching at DU. The tool does not pose a risk to student privacy or FERPA regulations..