What are some tips when recording webcam videos?

  • Camera angle: The camera should be straight and aligned with your eyes. Look at the small camera to establish eye contact with your viewers. Avoid the “up the nose” camera angle.
  • Audio quality: Find a quiet room with minimal distracting background noise. Invest in a good quality microphone if you plan on doing several videos.
  • https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077VNGVL2

  • Lighting: Don’t record in a dark room, it will create a spooky Halloween effect. Don’t record yourself in front of a window, this will create a silhouette effect. Place 1-2 lights to shine a light on your face.
  • Background distractions: Avoid recording in a cluttered room; busy office space and personal spaces (bedrooms, kitchens) are very distracting. If you are using ZOOM, try using virtual backgrounds.
  • Duration: Keep welcome videos short, 5-10 minutes is the recommended time frame.
  • TV Personality: One important point to a welcome video is to illustrate your personality in order to reduce the distance feeling between the instructor and students.

Tips for video recording your computer screen (screencast)

  • Software: At the University of Denver, we have two free software programs that can record your computer screen, Kaltura Capture and ZOOM Meeting Recorder.
  • Script, outline, and slides: If you don’t have these items ready, your audience will see you scrambling around to find them which is distracting.
  • Easy to Read Slides: Avoid text-heavy or high detail slides.
  • Text and Images: Video is a very visual medium, make sure to include many related images to your presentation.
  • Use PowerPoint, Google Slides or PDF: Stay organized and focused on your message by using slides and screenshots.
  • Edit video: If possible, edit the video to fix any audio issues and add annotations or graphics.
  • Share video: At the University of Denver, we have a video system called Kaltura to allow you to record and share videos. It is integrated with Canvas.

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Contact Alex Martinez at the OTL if you have questions or need some help with webcam or screencast recordings.

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