Kaltura allows you to upload and share videos, images. and audio files within your Canvas course. You can share your media on Canvas pages, discussion boards, assignments, and the Kaltura Media Gallery.

Adding Media Using the Canvas Text Editor

This is the quickest way to add a new media object (video, audio, or image) to a Canvas course page.

  1. In your Canvas course, go to Modules and click the + symbol.
  2. Select Page from the options. Your video should be placed on a Canvas page.
Add new Canvas Page for your video.

3. A new blank page will appear. Click the Edit button on the top right.

4. Click the icon that looks like an electrical plug and select Embed Kaltura Media.

Click the plug icon and select Embed Kaltura Media.

5. After selecting Embed Kaltura Media a window will open with several options. From here you can add a new item by clicking Add New or select an existing media item that has been already uploaded into Kaltura.

Select large version

Note: If you are uploading a new video, this step can take 5-15 minutes to publish because the video has to be optimized for streaming on the web.

5. Press the Save & Publish or Save.

Display Transcript

The video player has an interactive transcript to improve accessibility.

Click the HTML icon.

If the transcript window is not visible, you can modify the height of the video to 600px in order to display the interactive transcript for students.
For example: <iframe style=”width: 790px; height: 600px;” …….. >

Student can click Show Transcript

Students can now see the interactive transcript move in real-time. The transcript can also be downloaded by the student for their notes.

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