Kaltura allows you to upload and share video, images. and audio files. You can share your media on Canvas pages, discussion board, assignments, and the Kaltura Media Gallery.

Note: If you have not activated Kaltura in your Canvas course yet, please follow these instructions – How to activate Kaltura in my Canvas course.

Adding Media Using the Canvas Text Editor

This is the fastest way to add a new media object (video, audio or image) into your Canvas course.

  1. Go to any Canvas page that has the text editor tool (content, discussion board or assignment page)
  2. Click the V symbol and select Embed Kaltura Media
  3. After selecting Embed Kaltura Media, a window will open showing giving you several options. From here you can add a new item by clicking Add New or select an existing media item that has been already uploaded.

    Note: If you are uploading a new video, this step can take 5-15 minutes to publish because the video has to be optimized for streaming on the web.

  4. Press the Save & Publish or Save.