Last updated: 1/22/2024

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You can share a video (Zoom Recording or Video Upload) on Canvas pages, discussion boards, assignments, and Media Gallery. It is highly recommended that you store your video and audio content in Canvas My Media for the following reasons:

  • Canvas My Media content does not take up any additional Canvas course storage.
  • All Canvas My Media video and audio content will automatically have closed captioning to help improve accessibility and to comply with all Federal digital accessibility laws.

Uploading video into Canvas

Upload video or audio files into your Canvas My Media. My Media is your private media Canvas container. My Media displays media that belongs to the person that is logged into Canvas. A Canvas student can NOT see media that belongs to their instructor on the My Media page.
Click the Add New button to see several options for uploading media.

Zoom recordings

All DU Zoom Cloud recordings belonging to the Zoom host will automatically go into the Canvas My Media. By default, these recordings are private.

Posting a video on a Canvas page

After a media upload or transfer, the media can be shared on a Canvas page, announcement or discussion board. Follow these steps to post a video on a Canvas page:

1.. Go to a Canvas course, click Modules and click the + symbol.

2. Select Page and give your page a descriptive name. Press Add Item.

3. A new blank page will appear. Click the Edit button on the top right.

4. Click the icon that looks like an electrical plug and select Embed Kaltura Media.

Click the plug icon and select Embed Kaltura Media.

5. After selecting Embed Kaltura Media a window will open with several options. From here you can add a new item by clicking Add New or Select Existing Media item that has been already uploaded into Kaltura.

Select large version

Note: If you are uploading a new video, this step can take 5-15 minutes to publish because the video has to be optimized for streaming on the web.

5. Press the Save & Publish or Save.

6. Auto closed captions take an additional 30-60 minutes to produce. Once they are created, please review the quality and edit the captions using the Kaltura caption editor tool if necessary.

Student can click Show Transcript

Why doesn’t “Student View” show my Kaltura video?

Canvas Student View does not work with Kaltura videos because Student View is considered an anonymous user in Canvas and for security reasons, Kaltura will not show anonymous users the video. If you can see the video on your Canvas page, your students should see it too. Do forget to make your Canvas page visible to students.

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