Last update on 10/11/2022

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Why are Zoom recordings in Canvas?

As of March 23, 2022, all Zoom Cloud recordings will automatically be imported to your DU MediaSpace My Media account, which is also made accessible via Canvas. This makes adding video content to your Canvas courses easy. The My Media feature offers additional capabilities compared to Zoom, such as video editing, comprehensive cataloging and archiving capabilities, usage analytics, search capabilities, a quizzing tool, and larger storage capacity.

Will my students automatically see my Zoom recordings?

No, all imported Zoom recordings will be posted in your Canvas My Media page, which is private to you by default. Think of My Media as your personal media bucket that is private. Students cannot see your Zoom recordings or other media, unless you provide access by publishing that content to a Media Gallery.

Screenshot of Canvas My Media and Media Gallery links.
My Media holds all of media you own. Media Gallery is course specific.

Can I selectively share my Zoom recording with my students via Canvas?

Yes, once you have selected the video(s) that you wish to share with your students. You have two options:

Can I edit the video?

Yes, the video owner and co-editor(s), can edit video and audio clips. The Kaltura video editor tool allows you to trim the beginning, middle or end of the video. Learn more about the Kaltura Editor tool.

How can I tell if my students are watching my shared video recordings?

Instructors can now see which students are taking the time to watch your course videos via the Kaltura Media Analytics tool. There are two types of analytics.

Screenshot of Canvas student video analytics page.
Kaltura My Media Analytics
Screenshot of video quiz analytics.