How to create interactive video quiz questions using Kaltura and Canvas Assignments


Kaltura offers the ability to add quiz questions to any video uploaded into Kaltura. This provides Canvas instructors a simple way to create and edit online quizzes custom-tailored to the needs of their users.

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Step 1: Create Video Quiz Questions

  1. Go to My Media page and click on the video that you wish to add quiz questions to.
  2. Click Actions and select Launch Editor
  3. This will open up the video editor tool that allows you to trim your video, add slides or add quiz questions.
  4. Click on the quiz icon on the top left.
  5. There are several quiz settings that allow you to customize your video quiz.
  6. Instructors have  4 types of video questions:
    Reflection Point: Video pause with text, no points.
    Multiple Choice: Question with only one correct answer
    True/False: Questions with the choice of True or False
    Open-Ended: Students submit their answer and is graded by instructor in Canvas SpeedGrader
  7. Instructors can add Why or Hints to each quiz question.

Step 2: Create Canvas Assignment

  1. After you have created your Kaltura video quiz object, go to your Canvas course and click the Assignments tab.
  2. Click the Add Assignment button.
  3. Do not add any Kaltura content in the text-editor! You may add instructions in the assignment description.
  4. In thee Submission Type box, select External Tool.
  5. Click Find, a pop up will appear.
  6. Select the Kaltura Video Quiz tool.
  7. Select the quiz video from the pop-up window. You can use the search box to located your quiz video. Press the Select button once you located your video.
  8. Click Save and Publish the assignment.
  9. When students complete and submit the quiz, the points are automatically sent to the Canvas Gradebook for the relevant assignment and student.Links to an externa
    Links to an external site.