Last updated on: September 27, 2022

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It’s recommended that Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers be used when taking a video quiz. Students using Mac Safari may experience problems. Ad-Blockers may also block the quiz results from being sent to the gradebook.

How to create interactive video quiz questions using Kaltura and Canvas Assignments


Kaltura offers the ability to embed quiz questions into any video file or YouTube video uploaded into Kaltura My Media. This provides Canvas instructors with a way to evaluate if students are watching and understanding the video content.

Step 1: Create Video Quiz Questions

  1. Go to your Canvas My Media page and click on the video that you wish to add quiz questions to. If you don’t have a video, create one using Kaltura Capture or import a YouTube video.
  2. Click Actions and select Launch Editor
  3. This will open up the video editor tool that allows you to trim your video, add slides or add quiz questions.
  4. Click on the quiz icon on the top left.
  5. There are several quiz settings that allow you to customize your video quiz.
  6. Instructors have  4 types of video questions:

    Multiple Choice: Question with only one correct answer
    True/False: Questions with the choice of True or False
    Reflection Point: Video pause with text, no points.
    Open-Ended: Students submit their text answer, no points. 

  7. Go to the Score menu and check the box called “Allow Multiple Attempts” and save the highest score. Modify the attempts to 10 or more, this will avoid Canvas grade book problems.
Screenshot showing video quiz tool and arrow pointing to the Allow Multiple Attempts, points and Quiz Score to Keep set to Highest Attempt.

Step 2: Create Canvas Assignment

  1. After you have created your Kaltura video quiz object, go to your Canvas course and click the Assignments tab.
  2. Click the Add Assignment button.
  3. Do not add any Kaltura content in the text-editor! You may add instructions in the assignment description. For example, we recommend this statement:
  4. In the Submission Type box, select External Tool.
  5. Click Find, a pop up will appear.
  6. Select the Kaltura Video Quiz tool.
  1. Select the quiz video from the pop-up window. You can use the search box to located your quiz video. Press the Select button once you located your video.
  2. Click Save and Publish the assignment.
  3. We recommend that “Allowed Attempts” be selected so that this setting matches up with the Kaltura “Multiple Attempts” setting, this will ensure that the quiz points transfer over into the Canvas Gradebook.  In this example, we have instructed Canvas and Kaltura to allow 10 attempts for this quiz.
  4. When students complete and submit the quiz, the points are automatically sent to the Canvas Gradebook for the relevant assignment and student. Please note, only True/False and Multiple Choice points are graded and sent to the gradebook. Links to an external

Step 3: Grading and Analytics

If you have only “True or False“, or “Multiple Choice Questions“, Kaltura will equally divide the possible points to determine the final grade. For example, if you have 4 Kaltura quiz questions (1 point each) and your Canvas quiz assignment is worth 10 points, each answer is worth 2.5 Canvas points.

Kaltura open-ended and reflective questions are not graded so the instructor needs to go to the video quiz analytics page. Here are some instructions.

  1. Go to your Canvas course
  2. Click My Media
  3. Find the video quiz object and click on the small graph icon “Analytics“. See the image below.
  4. On the video analytics page, you’ll see Quiz Questions and Quiz Users, click on either one to see how students answered your video quiz questions.
  5. Tip: Open a 2nd browser tab to show SpeedGrader so that you can quickly toggle back and forth to grade the assignment.

An Open Question and Reflection Point are not gradable, both question types have no impact on the grade.


I have one student that reports that they completed and submitted the video quiz but I don’t see any point in the grade book? Why?
The most likely reason is that their web browser is using 3rd party ad-blockers. The solution is to turn off the ad-blockers. Have the student try a different browser or even an incognito tab and see if that produces different results.

I don’t see any video quiz on my Canvas page. Why?
The most likely reason is that their web browser is using 3rd party ad-blockers or other privacy blocking extensions. Some common privacy blocking tools are DuckDuckGo, Brave is a Chromium-based browser, and Firebox Enhanced Tracking Protection.

As the Canvas instructor, can I double check somewhere else to verify that the student completed the video quiz?
Yes, all Canvas Kaltura videos collect analytics. Go to Canvas My Media and click the icon that looks like a bar graph or click on Actions and select Analytics. Video quiz analytics will show each video quiz question and the users results. Refer to Step 3 in this article for more information.