Video assignments can be a research-intensive, collaborative, and highly engaging student activity. The video can demonstrate skills, knowledge, and communication strategies. View some student video projects to give you ideas for your next class assignment.

For Instructors

For Students

Getting Started

  1. Define a clear purpose and outcomes for the video .
  2. Establish teams and assign project roles and responsibilities.
  3. Research videos online that match your goals and expectations.
  4. Produce a video that is visually engaging to your audience. Scenes should be changing every 5-10 seconds.
  5. Create a storyboard shoot list and script .
  6. Create a project timeline and video team document to keep you organized.
  7. Tips for producing class assignment videos, “Before, During and After”.
  8. Have weekly team meetings.

Team Roles and Responsibilities

  • Producer: Initiates and coordinates meetings and time management; has a high-level view of the project and timelines
  • Script Writers: Responsible for creating the storyboard and script
  • Researchers: Responsible for researching the topic, fact collecting and citations
  • Videographer/Photographers/Audio Technicians: Responsible for video recording and still photos; ensures good lighting and audio quality
  • Narrators: Provides audio or video commentary
  • Illustrators / graphic artist: Responsible for drawing custom art work
  • Video & Audio Editors: Responsible for video and audio editing software; will edit and share revisions with team members

The DU Digital Media Center has professional video and audio software for students. They are located in the Anderson Academic Commons and are normally open when the library is open.


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