Last updated on 1/31/2024

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Why are my Zoom recordings in MediaSpace?

As of March 23, 2022, all Zoom Cloud recordings will automatically be imported to your DU MediaSpace account, which is also made accessible via Canvas. Your Zoom recordings are now Kaltura Media and can be found in your My Media. The My Media feature offers additional capabilities compared to Zoom, such as video editing, comprehensive cataloging capabilities, usage analytics, search capabilities, a quizzing tool, and larger storage capacity. By default, the Zoom host will become the video owner and the video will be private.

Screenshot of the DU MediaSpace homepage highlighting the Log in and My Media tabs in the top right corner.
Log in to MediaSpace using your DU email and password and see your Zoom recordings in My Media.

Will anyone be able to see my Zoom recordings?

No, all imported Zoom recordings will automatically be set as private in DU MediaSpace. Only the Zoom meeting host can see them until you decide to share them via a direct link or publish them in a channel.

Screenshot of a media entry on the My Media page highlighting the "private" badge to the left of the media thumbnail confirming your media is private to you.
See your video is private in your My Media.

How can I selectively share my Zoom recordings in MediaSpace?

The Zoom meeting host can share Zoom recordings from your My Media page via a direct link, embed code, or publishing your video in a channel.

Share with a direct link:

  1. Click video Title.
  2. Click Actions, select Publish, then select Unlisted. Unlisted means that anyone with the share link can view the video.
  3. Click Share and select Link to Media Page.
  4. Copy link and begin sharing.
Screenshot of an individual media page highlighting steps: selecting, actions, selecting publish, and then clicking unlisted in order to share a direct link to that entry.
Unlisted does not mean your video is public for viewing. Only you or anyone you share the link with can see your video.
screenshot of the share options on an individual media entry page highlight steps to share a direct linking: share tab, link to media page tab, copy direct link
Share link does not require authentication. You can share your video with anyone.

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Can I edit the video?

Yes, the video owner and co-editor(s), can edit video and audio clips. The Kaltura video editor tool allows you to trim the beginning, middle or end of the video and add interactive quizzes. In Details you can edit to the Title, Description, and tags.

Access the Video Editor Tool:

  1. My Media, select the video you wish to edit.
  2. Click Actions, and select Edit.
  3. Click Launch Editor, and the editor page will open.
  4. Begin editing your video!
screenshot of an individual media entry page highlighting the details tab and the launch editor button to the right of the video player.
Find the Launch Editor button on the right side of the video player.
screenshot of the Kaltura video editor tool page.
Add quizzes, hotspots, and trim your video and audio all in the Video Editor.

For more detailed instructions on editing your Kaltura video see this article: Learn more about the Kaltura Editor tool.

How can I see who is watching my shared video?

Now that your Zoom recording is Kaltura media, you can see video analytics in your My Media. You can see who is logged in and viewing your video, number of unique views, engagement over time, and more.

Access Analytics:

  1. From My Media select the video you wish to see analytics for.
  2. Click Actions and select Analytics.
  3. Analytics page will open, begin viewing video metrics.
screenshot of an individual media page highlight steps to access Kaltura analytics: select actions tab, click analytics.
Easily find Analytics in the Actions tab.
Screenshot of Kaltura analytics page showing highlights for an individual media entry
See highlights, run reports, and export metrics all from the Media Analytics page.