Last updated: 3/21/2022

DU MediaSpace ( offers the ability to create public, private, and restricted channels for your media (video, audio or images).

This article covers:

What’s a DU MediaSpace channel?

A channel is a password-protected area at DU MediaSpace that requires all users to login before they can access a set of videos. Beyond the basic login, some channels can have extra security features that only allow specific DU members access to a set of media items. You may want to create a channel if you need to:

  • Organize videos for a group of University community members.
  • Share media privately with selected University community members.

Can non-DU members access a MediaSpace channel? No, only DU community members can access channel content. However, contact if your channel requires public access.

A DU MediaSpace Gallery is a set of media items that does not require any type of login. For example, The Daniels Executive Education program has several public videos.
Public galleries requires that you contact to create a gallery. You may want to create a gallery if you need to:

  • Market your academic program or public University events.
  • Market your program research.

How do I create a channel?

Log into DU MediaSpace – using your DU email and passcode.

Screenshot of DU MediaSpace page and location of the Log In button.

Click the Channels menu in the navigation bar and then click Create Channel.

Screenshot of DU MediaSpace Create Channel button.

Give your media channel a title, description and set up the privacy settings.

Privacy settings options include:

Open – All logged in users can view and contribute content (contribution is not allowed for viewer-role users).
Restricted – All logged in users can view content and only channel members can contribute content.
Private – Only channel members can view and contribute content.

Screenshot showing the various privacy options for a channel. Options include Open, Restricted, and Private.

Channel video security rules

All entries in a channel will inherit the channel security rules. For example, if you have a video that was made Unlisted and that video is included in a channel that is Restricted, a viewer would have to login using their university email and password to view the video.

Adding members to a channel

Add DU members to your channel by clicking the Members tab. Click the Add Members button to search for community members. If you do not find the person you are looking for, ask them to log into DU MediaSpace in order for their account to be created.

Can’t find a person in the search box?
Ask the person to log into DU MediaSpace to help create their account.

Search for members using the lookup search tool.

Screenshot showing how to add channel members.

You can view all the channel members if you click the Member tab in your channel. From here you can change a member role or remove them from the channel. You can also delete the entire channel from this page.

Screenshot of channel members

Adding media to your channel

Once a channel is created, you and your team can post media into it. Click the Add to Channel button.

Screenshot showing how to add media to a channel.

Upload media into a channel

You can upload any video, audio or image into a channel. Our Kaltura system can automatically convert various file format into the correct online format.

If you clicked Add New – Media Upload, you will see our terms and agreement statement. Click the checkbox to open up the file uploader tool.

How to search for media in a channel

When your channel contains several videos, you can search, filter or sort to locate the videos you are interested in.