Last updated: 3/21/2022

DU MediaSpace is a free video and audio storage and streaming platform for the University of Denver. Active DU community members can use DU MediaSpace. This article will cover the basics of adding and sharing media.

This article covers:

What is DU MediaSpace?

DU Kaltura MediaSpace is a media management system designed to manage and share videos, images and audio files. Here are some reasons why to use DU MediaSpace:

  • Share media privately with DU community members or publicly.
  • Organize all your related media content in channels, tags or playlists. Channels can be public or private.
  • Monitor analytics to see how many people are viewing your videos.

How do I login into DU MediaSpace?

Go to and click the LOG IN located on the top right corner. Log in with your DU email and password.

Screenshot showing DU MediaSpace Log In

How do I access, add, and share my Zoom meeting recordings?

As of March 23, 2022 all Zoom Cloud recordings will go automatically into the DU MediaSpace account for the Zoom meeting host. By default, the Zoom host will become the video owner and the video will be private.

  1. Log in to DU MediaSpace
  2. Go to your My Media page.
  3. See all your uploaded media and Zoom cloud recordings on this page.

Share your Zoom recordings from your My Media page.

  1. Click Actions, select Publish, then select Unlisted. Unlisted means that anyone with the share link can view the video.
  2. Consider renaming your video title and adding a short description to improve discoverability.
  3. Consider editing the auto-captions to improve accessibility.
  4. If you wish to share your video(s) with only a selected group of DU members, create a private video channel.
Screenshot showing video title. Click title access sharing and editing options.
On the My Media page, click the media title to access sharing options.

Zoom meeting recordings created prior to March 23, 2022 will not go into the DU MediaSpace. Old Zoom recordings will continue to exist on the Zoom Cloud server. Old Zoom recordings can be downloaded from your DU Zoom Cloud and saved on your computer or uploaded into DU MediaSpace.  Learn more at Copying ZOOM videos to your Kaltura account.

All new media will be private by default in your account. To modify privacy settings and others to view your video without having to login, click the Actions menu, select Publish, and check the Unlisted option. This allows you to share the video via a web link.

Screenshot showing how to publish an Unlisted media to anyone.
Screenshot showing the Share Link to Media Page.

How do I post my video on a website using embed code?

Located on the same page as the sharable web link, the Embed option allows you to copy code for your website.

Screenshot showing that the Embed code is located under the media Share tab.

How do I upload a new video or audio file?

Log in to DU MediaSpace, click Add New and then click Media Upload. Add YouTube videos by clicking Add New and then You Tube. DU MediaSpace allows users to build a large library of personal content and YouTube videos that can easily be shared.

When uploading large videos (50mb+), try to upload from a location with fast high-speed Internet.

Screenshot showing the top menu of MediaSpace and the location of the Add New Media option.

On the Upload Media page, click the terms and agreement statement to open up the media upload tool.

Screenshot showing the media upload options.

Add a descriptive title, short description, tags, and press Save.

Descriptive metadata will help easily find your media later. Here is a suggestion for events.
Title – Event Series – Key Speaker Name – Sequence Number – (Date) 

Screenshot showing media title and description fields.

Once uploaded, the video will take 5-15 minutes to process. Track progress on your My Media page. Click the video title to access the share tools. Click the pencil icon to access the edit tools.

If you wish to create a new video, click Kaltura Capture, this will download special software to record your computer, webcam and microphone. This software allows instructors to create pre-recorded lecture videos. Learn more about Kaltura Capture.

Sharing media using MediaSpace channels and galleries

With DU MediaSpace, you have a few options for sharing media:

  • Channels: Publish videos in MediaSpace Channels to make them easily findable. Click here to learn more.
  • Public Gallery: DU MediaSpace offers public sites for academic and administrative units. For example, take a look at our public video galleries at If you would like a Gallery to post your videos to the public, please contact our Kaltura team at

How do I delete media?

Not everything needs to be saved. As the media entry owner, you can delete media you no long need. Go to My Media -> click the trash icon. Please note that once the media entry is deleted it is permanently removed from the system; there is no backup.

Screenshot showing how to delete

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