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What is DU MediaSpace?

DU Kaltura MediaSpace is a media management system designed to manage and share videos, images and audio files. Common uses for DU MediaSpace include:

  • Sharing media with a group of DU community members via a private channel.
  • Sharing media publicly using embed code, link or public gallery page.

How do I login and upload media content into DU MediaSpace?

Go to and click the LOG IN link located on the top right corner. Use your DU email and passcode.

Login at using your DU account.

Once you have authenticated, you will see Add New, click this link and then click Media Upload.

Click Add New and select Media Upload.

On the Upload Media page, click the terms and agreement statement to open up the media upload tool.

When uploading large videos, try to upload from a location with high-speed Internet.

Add your title, short description, tags, and press Save. Once your video is uploaded, it will take a few minutes to process.

Once the video is processed, you will see it on your My Media page. Click the video title to access the share tools. Click the pencil icon to access the edit tools.

How do I share my media with others?

With DU MediaSpace, you have a few options for sharing media:

  • Web link: Copy the media link and send it to others via email. Viewers might have to login with their DU email and password before they can see the video depending if it’s private or unlisted. If you don’t want people to login to view your video, select unlisted in the publish settings.
  • Embed Code: Copy and paste the embed code on your personal website in order to play the video directly on your web page.
  • Private Channel: Requires viewers to log into MediaSpace using their University email and password. You can have two types of channels. Private Channels (viewer must be added to a channel by the channel manager) or Restricted Channel (viewer must be logged into MediaSpace). Click here to learn more.
  • Public Gallery: DU MediaSpace offers public sites for academic and administrative units. For example, take a look at our public video galleries at If you would like a public channel to post your videos to the public, please contact our Kaltura team at

Click the pencil icon to access the media sharing options.

On the My Media page, click the media title to access sharing options.

By default, your video will be private. If you wish to modify the privacy settings in order to allow people to view your video without having to login, click the Actions menu and select Publish and check the Unlisted option, this will allow you to share the video via a web link.

How to share a video without any restrictions.

Click the Share option and copy the web link.

Each video has embed code that can be copied and pasted into an external website and viewed within that web page. Click Embed to access the embed code.

To ensure that your video can play on any screen size, select Responsive Sizing.

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