Overview: These steps will help you transfer your ZOOM video recordings to Kaltura. Here are some reasons why this is important:

  • Preserve your important ZOOM recordings to avoid system deletion.
  • Once in Kaltura, you can share them via a Canvas course or outside of Canvas using a public web link.
  • Kaltura offers group management and metadata cataloging of video content.
  • Kaltura has interactive video tools and analytics.

Step 1: Downloading ZOOM Video Recordings

Go to the DU ZOOM portal (https://udenver.zoom.us) and log in using your DU email and password.

Go to Recordings and click on the ZOOM meeting you wish to download.

Click the Download button to start the download process. Take note of where you are saving the files. By default, downloads are saved in your downloads folders on your computer

Step 2: Upload videos to your Canvas Kaltura account

Go to your Canvas course and click on My Media. This will allow you to upload your video if you’re not sure where to place it in your Canvas course.

Note: Once you have copied your ZOOM videos to Kaltura, you can delete your ZOOM recordings.

Sharing Kaltura media with Canvas

There are two methods for sharing Kaltura media within Canvas.
1. On a Canvas page or discussion post
2. Canvas Media Gallery

Video Instructions

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