In this article, we invite you to bring a playful and experimental approach so your students can connect with each other––and with you––through features called Media Gallery and My Media that are powered by Kaltura and housed within Canvas.

Think of My Media as your own personal and private library available for all the courses you teach in Canvas. It is a collection of all the videos you’ve either uploaded or recorded. It is affiliated with your Canvas account, but not with a specific course. When students click on My Media in their Canvas account, they will see their own personal and private library of videos: they will NOT see your videos.

Think of Media Gallery as the space, within a course, where you can post videos from My Media. The Media Gallery is associated with a specific course. When students click on Media Gallery, they will see the videos you have uploaded for their use within the context of the specific course.

  • My Media: Personal library to house and manage media content that students cannot see.
  • Media Gallery: Searchable gallery of media content assigned to a course that students can see.

The beauty of online interaction is that students can simultaneously play the roles of consumers, learners, and producers. In this way, learning and knowledge are co-created and shared in community. One way to engage students meaningfully is to invite them to create videos. Here are some ideas to consider:

How can students publish to Media Gallery?

1. Go to your Canvas course and click Media Gallery.
2. Click on Add Media
3. If you have not yet uploaded your media, click on Add New and select Media Upload. Follow the instructions and select your media file to upload. After the file has been uploaded, you can return back to the Media Gallery to see it.
4. If you have already uploaded your media via My Media, go to Media Gallery and click on checkbox near your media file and click Publish.

NOTE: If the instructor of the Canvas course has made Media Gallery items be pre-approved before publishing, you will not see your media posted right away. You might have to contact your instructor and inform them that you have published your work in Media Gallery and it’s waiting for their approval.

Can students add comments to a video?

Yes, the instructor can enable commenting on all videos within the Media Gallery. This is a great way for students to share constructive feedback with their peers. Comments can be time-coded to the video to make it easy for viewers to click on the time-code and jump the video to that location.