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screenshot of WeVideo timeline editor.

How to request a WeVideo account at the University of Denver

At the University of Denver, we have a limited amount of WeVideo licenses. If you’re a student working on a class video project, instructors should contact Ethan Crawford (Media Film and Journalism Studies).

Features and Benefits:

  • If you have a creative assignment that involves video or audio podcasting.
  • If students need an easy to learn video editing program.
  • If students are working together and need a web-based collaborative editor program.
  • If students need access to a large copyright free library for their project.
  • If student need to quickly publish their project and share it with other.
  • 100% cloud-based makes WeVideo easy to use with most computers. 

DU Student WeVideo Login Steps

  1. Click the WeVideo invite link that your instructor sent you.
  2. Select “No, I am new to WeVideo”. Click Continue.
  3. Click “Office 365”. This will add you into our enterprise version of WeVideo that has many more features.
  4. Once you are in WeVideo, create a Project.
Screenshot showing to select No, I am a new WeVideo user.
Screenshot showing to select Office 365.
Screenshot showing Microsoft login page. Press Accept.

WeVideo Learning Resources:

Openly-Licensed media for your story

Before publishing multimedia, ask yourself:

  • Did I use copyrighted content from another author?
  • Who are my sources?
  • Do I have permission to republish?
  • Do I need a license?
  • Did I give credit to all found-media authors?
  • Credits listed in the final bibliography, metadata,and/or credit roll

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