Kaltura – Adding a Single Video to Your Canvas Course

Last updated: 1/22/2024 In this article: Overview You can share a video (Zoom Recording or Video Upload) on Canvas pages, discussion boards, assignments, and Media Gallery. It is highly recommended that you store your video and audio content in Canvas My Media for the following reasons: Uploading video into Canvas Upload video or audio files […]

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Photograph of an open laptop with several images on the screen.

DU Portfolio – Embed Content with iFrames

Option 1: using the iframe tool Step 1 Find and copy the view link, or URL for the media you want to add to your DU Portfolio page. Step 2 Create a new Rich Text item on your DU Portfolio page, and open the “Insert iframe Content” tool (icon of two stacked rectangles). Then, paste […]

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Photograph of a laptop with the Google home page on the screen.

DU Portfolio – Embed Google Slides

Embed Using HTML Code: Step 1 Open Google Slides file, and select “publish to the web” from the “file” tab. Step 2 Click the tab for “Embed” details. Step 3 Select “options” and copy the embed code provided. Step 4 Paste the code with your view link/embed code into the .html editor view of a […]

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