What is it?

  • Will turn your PowerPoint or Keynote slides into ZOOM virtual background.
  • You can now be immersed with your slide content and increase context.
  • Students can better see your expressions.
  • Can be used for live ZOOM sessions or pre-recorded lecture videos.


How do I get started?

  1. You must have ZOOM software version 5.2 or higher.
  2. Open ZOOM on your computer.
  3. Click Share -> Click Advanced.
  4. Select Slides as Virtual Background.
  5. ZOOM will ask you to select your slide file on your computer.
  6. ZOOM will then take a few seconds to convert your slides to a virtual background.
  7. Press Record and select Cloud or Local Computer. We recommend local computer.
  8. Start your presentation.
  9. Click End to stop the recording.
  10. ZOOM will then compress your video into a .mp4 file. Upload that file to your Canvas MyMedia or YouTube account.

Note: Slide transitions and animations are lost in this feature. Solution: Make slides where another list item appeared on each slide to mimic the animation.

-John De Sousa-


Image showing where the ZOOM Advanced features are located.
Image showing presenter pointing a building feature.
Image showing presenter pointing at graph details.

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