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Quizizz is an interactive, gamified learning platform centered on building quizzes to assess student learning. In addition to traditional, multiple choice quiz types, Quizizz also offers a wide variety of customizable options to create quiz questions tailored to the assessment level, subject matter, or desired response types. Quizizz can be used to create interactive lessons, polls, surveys, and even memes that can be embedded into a quiz or lesson. These lessons and quizzes can be taken by students outside of class or shared live by instructors for in-class assessment. Instructors using Quizizz also have access to a large library of already made games, lessons, and quizzes across a variety of subjects and levels to use as a template for building a new quiz, or as a ready-made option. Additionally, Quizizz offers a built-in grading system for ease and generates data reports so instructors can see where students are engaging with materials, succeeding, and where they might need additional help. 

Homepage: https://quizizz.com  

Quizizz is an interactive quiz building platform designed to engage students on a deeper level than traditional quizzing. Use it live for in-class lessons or quizzes or assign to students to complete on their own time outside of class. Quizzes offers much of the same functionality and use as many other quizzing platforms, with the addition of interactive and gamified options. Students can interact with Quizizz individually or in teams right on their own devices. Here are some ideas about how to use Quizizz in your class: 

  • Have a check in poll or prompt to get your students warmed up for class 
  • Run live games during class to review concepts, check student knowledge, and make learning a friendly competition 
  • Create “exit tickets,” or quick questions students respond to before leaving class to gauge what information stuck with them from the day’s lesson 
  • Have students create their own quizzes to share with the class 
  • Vary your assessment types by allowing students to respond to questions with video, audio, sketches, and more 
  • Run friendly study competitions in or outside of class by separating students into teams seeking the highest score while still focusing on important concepts 
  • Use anonymous polls and surveys to gather student feedback throughout the term 

For more ideas about how to use Quizizz, check out this link! 

  Quizizz’s main functionality is creating quiz questions that can be engaged with in or outside of class. 

  • Use Quiz Editor or New Quizzes to create content within Quizizz. The New Quizzes editor offers a different user interface and allows for more types of content (like Google images and YouTube links) and question types (drag and drop, matching, etc.) to be added 
  • Multiple question formats are supported. For a full list of what types of questions you can create in Quizizz, check out this link. 
  • Live quizzes allow instructors to present a game or quiz during class, with students joining straight from their own devices using a shared code provided by the instructor. Live, updated leaderboards can be turned on or off depending on the quiz type.  
  • Quiz questions can be customized in many ways: timed or untimed, anonymous or not, responses limited to certain options (like drawing or video and audio responses) and more.  
  • Quizizz contains a library of publicly available quizzes, lessons, and games in a wide variety of subjects, levels, and question lengths. These quizzes can be used as is, or questions and slides can be taken individually to build a customized version.  

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  • Supports Text to Speech (TTS) such as NVDA, Jaws, or Voiceover
  • Supports Alternative Input Experience/Keyboard Navigation
  • Supports Screen Magnification and Color Contrast
  • Has an accessibility statement, contact support personnel, and a product team that can enhance accessibility

This technology is not included with the University of Denver. Faculty, staff, and students may need to purchase a subscription. The technology may offer educational pricing with an “.edu” email address. Free trials or free accounts may also be available through the technology website. 

  Goksun, & Gursoy, G. (2019). Comparing success and engagement in gamified learning experiences via Kahoot and Quizizz. Computers and Education, 135, 15–29. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.compedu.2019.02.015 

   Handoko, Mizkat, E., Nasution, A., Hambali, & Eska, J. (2021). Gamification in Learning using Quizizz Application as Assessment Tools. Journal of Physics. Conference Series, 1783(1), 12111–. https://doi.org/10.1088/1742-6596/1783/1/012111  

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YELLOW technologies are not widely supported. DU may or may not have a 3rd party vendor security agreement for the use of these tools. However, some uses of this tool may be appropriate for teaching if certain conditions are met.