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Wordwall is an online platform designed to help teachers create an array of interactive and engaging class activities for students in person or online. This platform provides various templates for teachers to select from. All an instructor needs to do is supply the content and Wordwall will automatically generate the materials for the class.  

Choose from a variety of templates, ranging from the common multiple-choice quiz like Kahoot! or matching pairs, anagram, sorting out, or cloze questions. 

Students can do these activities as interactive in-class assignments or for homework. Teachers can track their student’s activity results once they are completed.   

This platform can help save instructors from preparation time, create a more interactive online learning experience, reduce the use of paper worksheets, foster student paced learning, and allow teachers to track their students’ progress.  

Website: https://wordwall.net/  

Teachers can choose from a variety of templates to help elevate their content and instruction. 

 Options include: 

  • Multiple choice quizzes  
  • Flip tiles  
  • Group sort 
  • Match up  
  • Wordsearch  
  • Brainstorm  
  • Rank order 
  • Crossword  

This allows students to have an active learning experience by engaging with content at their own pace 

Active learning. Making space for students to interact with the content and/or with one another during class-time can support active learning and help students better recall information they are learning. Wordwall’s interactive elements allow students to engage with other students during in-class or online activities.  

Student paced learning. You can create online asynchronous lessons or activities for students to engage in, allowing for individually paced learning experiences. This aligns well with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) practices, offering students autonomy around when and how they choose to engage with the lesson.  

Due to the various templates available, teachers can create multiple resources in a variety of formats tailored to the classroom. Once an instructor has created an activity, it is shareable in different ways. Wordwall allows teachers to transfer content from one template to another if they decide to change the format of delivery.  

Accessibility Review: 0 Stars 
Does not support Text to Speech (TTS) such as NVDA, Jaws, or Voiceover 
Does not support Speech to Text (STT) such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking or Voice Dictation 
Cannot fully navigate without a mouse 
Does not support Screen Magnification and Color Contrast 
Does not have an accessibility statement, contact support personnel for accessibility, or a product team that will enhance accessibility 

Wordwall ranks _0_/_5_ stars for accessibility. To learn more about the accessibility review, contact otl@du.edu. 

Introduction to Wordwall 


This technology is not included with the University of Denver. Faculty, staff, and students may need to purchase a subscription. The technology may offer educational pricing with an “.edu” email address. Free trials or free accounts may also be available through the technology website. 

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GREEN technologies are appropriate for teaching at DU. The tool does not pose a risk to student privacy or FERPA regulations..