LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor now have an additional option for remote proctoring. The new Instructor Live Proctoring feature enables instructors to use a video conferencing system (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.) for live, remote testing. LockDown Browser prevents cheating on the computer or device itself, while the instructor watches students via video conferencing. This mode is recommended for small, synchronous classes where instructors can effectively manage and observe students during the exam. 

Watch the following video to learn more about how to enable Live Proctoring in your Canvas course quiz.


What you need to know...

  • This feature is supported on Windows PC and Mac. It is not supported on iPad.

  • With this feature, students will remain in your Zoom session while they take a quiz. They will not be able to see any other students or the instructor while they take the exam. However, they will be able to hear anyone talking within the Zoom session and communicate with you/others if their microphone is unmuted. Students cannot adjust their Zoom settings while taking the exam. In advance of your exam, we recommend that you consider whether students should be muted or unmuted in the exam. If muted, students will not disturb each other, but they also will be unable to ask questions within Zoom. If unmuted, students can ask any questions they have, but may disturb other students.

  • Respondus recommends this feature for smaller class sizes, as it will be difficult to monitor individual students with 25 or more students. However, this feature will work with larger classes provided that there are multiple instructors to monitor the students.

  • When using this tool, we recommend setting up a one question test quiz to allow students to get comfortable with Lockdown Browser and troubleshoot any potential issues. You can make this quiz always available and give students unlimited attempts so they have as many opportunities to work out issues as they need. We recommend making this available at least a few days before the exam. Students may need to update their Lockdown Browser, so that gives them plenty of time to do so.

  • Since Live Proctoring involves video and audio recording, it is going to need a strong internet connection. Students should use the best internet connection available to them. Instruct students to use a private wired or wireless connection whenever possible and avoid public wifi or a cellular network if they can. If using a wireless connection, sit as close to the router as possible. 

  • Any loses of connection or restarts of the Lockdown Browser system will be logged for your review. We also recommend that, if you have an enforced time limit on the exam, you set it to “Allow the student to continue working”. This will flag the quiz as late, but give you and the student flexibility should an internet issue occur. That way, a technical issue won’t shorten their time or otherwise inhibit them from finishing.

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