Do students have to buy their own clicker? 

Your instructor can ask you to buy a clicker for your class. Clickers are available at the bookstore or online. Sometimes your textbook will come bundled with a clicker.  If you purchase your clicker from the bookstore you may be able to sell it back at the end of term. A list of available options can be found in the Turning Technologies store, however, you may want to consult with your instructor about the clicker needed for your course.

Sometimes instructors hand out clickers for one or several class sessions so you don’t have to buy one. Your instructor will let you know if this is the case for your class.

The clicker comes with a 12 month software license: if you already own a clicker and the 12 months has passed since activating it, a new license key can be purchased in the Turning Technologies store,

What is TurningPoint ResponseWare?

The ResponseWare function allows you to use your mobile phone, tablet or laptop in place of the clicker to respond wherever there is a Wi-Fi or data connection.

DISCLAIMER:  not all instructors allow this option, so always ask your professor if this is available for your class.


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