For TurningPoint Clickers:

There are two things you will want to check out first:

  1. First, check to make sure that there are no Custom Animations in your PowerPoint slides. If you have put in custom animations like “fly in on click,” you can view and remove them from the Animations tab:
  2. From the Animations tab of your presentation, select Custom Animation.
  3. Check each individual slide for Custom Animation, which is denoted with a number.
  4. Using the tool box that appears on the right hand side, select each animation (listed numerically) and select Remove.

Second check settings to make sure that  Review Only is set to FALSE.

  1. In the TurningPoint tab of your presentation go to Settings under Tools. Select Presentation to edit appropriate settings.
  2. Under Chart Settings find the Option for Review Only, set this option to False by clicking on the cell and using the drop down arrow to select False.

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