Is your video too large for Canvas or DU VideoManager? Are you having trouble uploading your video from home? The solution is to compress your video down to a smaller file size. We recommend using the free program called “HandBrake” for PC and Mac. The following are some instructions for compressing a video using HandBrake. Any video larger than 200mb is difficult to upload to the web.

Download HandBrake at

Step 1: Click Open Source to identify the video you want to compress. Press the Browse button to define where you want to save the new compressed video copy. Hint, rename the new version so that you don’t override your original copy.

Step 2: Modify the compression settings by clicking the Video tab. Locate the Average Bitrate (kbps) text box and add a value between 800-2000. The lower the number, the smaller the video file size will be. Don’t set it too low because it will result in poor video quality.

Step 3: Press Start to start the compression process. Compression will take a few minutes depending on your computer processing power.

Step 4: Once your video is done, go to the file folder where you saved the new video copy and upload the new file to your file website destination.




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