Canvas | New Quizzes Feature Comparison. The following chart is adapted from Canvas.


This table includes functionality workflows in Classic Quizzes v. New Quizzes. Instructors will be able to share question banks across multiple courses, accounts, and users.

New Quizzes 
Course Copy
Commons Import
Commons Export 
QTI Import
Quiz Exports (content and files) 
Duplicate Quiz from Quizzes page 
Third-party Integrations (Proctor/Security)
Blueprint Courses  
Initial Sync
Subsequent Sync
Question/ Item Banks
Ability to configure in *
Ability to configure in * 
Loss of Connectivity message when relevant 
Role permissions support  
Designer role support 
Observer role support 
TA role support
Ability to enable at sub-account/course levelsN/A
Quiz content migration from CanvasN/A
Question Bank content migration from Canvas 
Question/ Item Banks  
Shared with course
Shared with multiple courses*
Shared with account 
Shared with user 

% – Partial solution

* Currently not supported; workaround option


This table is the list of the compared features of Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes. Some awesome new features include tagging question banks, searching content within a question bank, and filtering content. Important to note, is the Classic Quizzes Question bank cannot be directly migrated over to New Quizzes, but there is a workaround!

New Quizzes
Printing Quizzes  
Print for Student to Take%
Print as Student Answered 
Print as Sample Answer Key%
Bulk Download File Submissions 
Import Content into Individual Quiz
Create Practice Quiz 
Create Ungraded Quiz(can make it zero points)
Create Survey(can make a zero point quiz)
Preview quiz (student view)
To-do List for Instructor 
To-do List for Student
Calendar for Student
API access to quizzes
LockDown browser support
Customize Question Feedback
Leave/Resume Quiz
Manage Question/Item Banks  
Bookmark Banks 
Copy/Move Banked Questions
Delete Banks
View Only Access 
Randomize Bank Questions
Share Item Banks
Import Item Bank Content
Tag Banked Items with Metadatax
Search Content within an Item Bankx
Search for an Item Bankx
Filter/ Sort Item Bankx
Regrade Questions
Reorder Questions
New Rich Content Editor  
Record audio and video
Content Selector Sidebar
Accessibility Checker
Apps and LTI tools
HTML Editor
Insert media iframe
Right-to-left/left-to-right formatting buttons

% – Partial solution

* Currently not supported; workaround option


This table is arguably the most exciting! New Quizzes has MANY more question types than Classic Canvas Quizzes (Categorization, Essay, Hot Spot, Ordering, and Stimulus are new). Please explore the links below in the table to see the new question types. Warning, stimulus is less of a question and more of a prompt or hint with attached questions.

New Quizzes
Fill in the Blank
Fill in Multiple BlanksUse Fill in the Blank question*
File Upload
Multiple Answer
Multiple Choice
Multiple DropdownUse Fill in the Blank question*
Text (No Question)Text can be included as stimulus content, but the stimulus type requires adding questions related to the content*
Hot Spotx

* Currently not supported; workaround option


The following table are the new settings in new quizzes. There is a new “required waiting period” that does not open the second quiz attempt up until a certain period of time has passed. There are also new shuffling question and answer features!

New Quizzes 
Allow Multiple Attempts (All Students)
Allow Multiple Attempts (Individual Student)
Require Waiting Period Between Attemptsx
Display One Question at Time
Require Access Code
Set Time Limit
Shuffle Questions Globallyx
Shuffle Answers Globally
Hide Student Responses
Hide Student Responses Available Window 
Filter IP Addresses
Filter IP Addresses by Named Location 
Assign to Individual Student✓*
Assign to Section✓*
Set Availability Dates✓*
Shuffle Answers per Questionx

✓* Customize by editing the assignment in Canvas


The following table describes grading and moderation differences in classic v. new quizzes. Moderation is often how students are given their DSP accommodations. The new “for the whole course” feature will make adding extra time a one-time setting change, compared to an every assessment setting change!

New Quizzes 
Add Extra Time (Individual Student, for the whole course)x
Add Extra Time (Individual Student, for the assessment)
Add Extra Attempt (Individual Student, for the assessment)
View Moderation Page
Manually Submit Attempts
View Quiz Log
View Student Results
Automatic grading of questions
Add Fudge Points
Partial Points/Credit  
Multiple Choice 
Multiple Answer
Fill in the Blank
Grade One Question at a Time (SpeedGrader) 
Learning Mastery Gradebook


The following table contains information on student data from Canvas Quizzes. There is a new quintile report and new data visualizations that can be helpful in guiding instructor’s teaching.

New Quizzes 
Item Analysis
Summary Statistics
Quintile Performancex
Student Analysis 
CSV Download 

* Reports may take up to 24 hours to generate

Here are some frequently asked questions about New Quizzes that Canvas has already answered!