DU has five roles available in Canvas, each with different levels of access.

Teacher – Can view and edit all course information.

TA – Can do most of the things teachers can do, including viewing all student info and grades, but they cannot select final grades. TAs don’t have access to add or edit outcomes, and they cannot add or edit course sections.

Designer – Can access and create course content, including pages, modules, announcements, assignments, discussions, quizzes, and web conferences. Designers can view the list of students in a course, but they cannot access the students’ IDs, email addresses, grades, or course analytics. They can add or remove students from the course, but they can’t add or remove Teachers or TAs.

Student – Can view students in their course, view course content, view announcements and messages, send messages to the entire class or individual members, create and post in discussions, create student collaborations, and create web conferences. Of course, what students see can be customized by course. We can hide any tools we don’t want students to have access to by taking them off of the navigation menu in Settings.

Observer – Can only view pages, files, announcements, and discussions (but they cannot create a discussion or post to the discussion board). Observers cannot see the list of students or any graded activities in the course such as assignments and quizzes.