Enrolled students are automatically added to your Canvas course when they register for your class. To add an auditing student, TA, Designer, or Observer to your course, first Navigate to the People tab in your course.


1. Click on the “Add People” button to bring up the following screen:

Instead of email addresses, please use the DU ID numbers of the people you wish to add by using the Login ID option. Canvas will only accept the exact DU email address on record for each user. Since some students or TAs use external email accounts (like Gmail or Hotmail), those will not work. Using a DU ID number will ensure that you are adding the correct individual to the course.

2. Select TA role from drop down for the user you are adding.



Canvas will validate the User ID, then ask you to confirm, then will send an email invitation to the course. The new user should then log in to Canvas and accept the invitation.