Online recording tools

This online tool allows you to record an audio conference and then provides separate files of you and your guests. It can automatically merge all of those files into a single file (though you may have to pay extra for that feature when using the free license), or you can mix them together manually using Audacity. This also features the audio preset trigger buttons that can be customized with your choice of sounds or music.

Cast –
This app offers a free 30 day trial, and is then $10 per month. It features an online editing tool that looks more like a standard audio editing app.

Instructions/resources for getting started with recording and editing podcasts:

“How to Start a Podcast: Recording” from Pro Audio Files –

“How to Start a Podcast: Editing and Mixing” (same source) –

The site for the NPR show “This American Life” also offers resources on producing engaging radio programs, which could certainly apply to podcast projects: