Do you have students testing in the Disability Services Program (DSP) Testing Center? The clip below is a quick tutorial that shows how faculty can provide testing information for students testing in the DSP Testing Center through the DSP Faculty Accommodate Portal. 

Steps to Provide DSP Testing Information:

Step 1. Login to the Faculty Accommodate Portal using your DU credentials. 

Faculty Accommodate Home Landing Page

Step 2. Select the course in which you wish to provide testing information. 
Note: If this is for your final exam, please find the course marked as Final Exam. 

Step 3. Inside the course, along the top bar, you can select Provide Testing Information. In the middle of this page, under the Apply Search button, select the Provide Testing Information button. 

Providing Testing Information Landing Page inside of the Course. Selecting Provide Testing Information Button.

Step 4. Provide the requested testing information inside of the form. When complete, select submit. 

Please Note: At the bottom of the form, questions about applying to all records are asked. If you select yes to both, all students and all sections of the same course will be provided the same testing parameters. If you run assessments differently in other sections of the same course, you should say No, and provide new testing information in that specific course. 

If yes, apply to all students or all courses of the same.

If you need additional support with providing testing information to the DSP or have questions about Canvas Quiz or Connect Quiz accommodations, please reach out to Ellen Hogan, OTL’s Accessibility Technologist at