While the official campus-wide deployment at DU is scheduled for December 1, 2021, faculty can enable the New Quizzes functionality in their individual course settings effective immediately. Learn more about New Quizzes v. Classic Quizzes in this feature comparison article.

You can add accommodations for a student in New Quizzes. Accommodation settings include adding or removing time for all quiz attempts, and multiplying time limits by a set multiplier.

Accommodations apply to all quizzes in a course for a student and only one accommodation can be set per student. Set accommodations can be viewed in the Accommodations column and in the Moderate panel.

To manage timer settings for a single attempt, you can moderate a student’s quiz attempt. Moderating a quiz attempt will apply any moderation settings on top of any set accommodations.

Note: Quiz availability dates still apply when moderating a quiz. If the Until date passes before a student completes an extra attempt or extended-time quiz, any in-progress quizzes auto-submit and the quiz closes, even if the student’s attempt has not expired.

Moderate Quiz

In New Quizzes, click the Moderate tab.

Canvas Moderate

Open Accommodation Settings

Canvas Accommodation Settings

Find the student you want to apply accommodations for [1]. Then click the Edit icon [2].

Select Time Adjustment

Canvas Time Adjusment

In the Time adjustments menu, select the time adjustment option you want to give the student.

Give Additional Time

Additional Time Canvas

To add additional time, select the Give additional time option in the time adjustments menu [1]. Then use the Hours and Minutes fields [2] to add additional time.

Remove Time Limit

Remove Time Limit

To remove the time limit, select the Remove Time Limit (unlimited) option in the time adjustments menu.

Add Time Limit Multiplier

Time Limit Multiplier

To add a time limit multipler, select the Time limit multiplier option in the time adjustments menu [1]. Then enter the multiplier in the Time limit multiplier field [2].

Save Accommodations

Save button

Click the Save button.

View Accommodations

View Accommodations

View the student’s accommodations in the Accommodations column. This column displays the cumulative effect of accommodations and moderation timer settings.

Need Support Setting up Testing Accommodations?

Please contact Ellen Hogan, OTL’s Accessibility Technologist for Learning and Instruction at ellen.hogan@du.edu, or setup a 1:1 Consult.