UDOIT Cloud is a course-wide accessibility checker integrated with Canvas from CIDI Labs. This exciting new tool scans your Canvas course, generates a report of accessibility issues that could impact students ability to learn, and provides resources and suggestions for addressing the issues. Watch the video below for an introduction to the tool. 

UDOIT Cloud Resources

  • To access UDOIT, you need to enable the tool in your course navigation menu.
  • To run the UDOIT course-wide accessibility scan:
    • Open UDOIT from your course navigation menu
    • Select the content you want to scan 
    • Click the “run scanner” button 
    • NOTE: UDOIT does not scan attached or embedded files and external websites (For the Files page/section, only HTML files are scanned). Each of these items will need to be checked and repaired manually.
  • To manage the results, address the errors with the listed suggestion and mark each completion with the “U FIX IT” button. 
  • Learn more about accessibility at DU through the Disability Services Program


There are several ways to reach out for support: