This article will outline the minimum requirements for all Canvas courses.

Instructors should populate the Syllabus in their Canvas course. Try using Cidi Labs Design Tools Template Blocks to enhance the organization, navigability and accessibility of your Syllabus page. We also encourage you to consider including Covid-19 related accommodations and policies. Check out our Sample Syllabus Statement page for more.

Assignments are another important element in any Canvas course. Any assignments created in the Assignments tool will automatically show up in Grades, Calendar, and the syllabus course summary. All courses are required to have a place for students to submit assignments online. Assignments can be weighted by creating assignment groups.

Modules are another component of course organization that can be set up weekly or thematically depending on your course structure. Modules should include relevant pages, assignments and links to course content. You are required to host content in Canvas which could include handouts, readings and other instructional materials. Link these materials to the appropriate weekly module for easy access. 

Once you get your course set up, you’ll want to make sure you publish your course so students can access it.

If your course is meeting synchronously, be sure to set up your recurring Zoom sessions in your Canvas course.

For more information on the minimum requirements for a Canvas course, download our Course Checklist or reach out to