All DU Canvas courses have built-in ZOOM integration. 
Please take a look at this ZOOM - Canvas  Resource Guide. 

ZOOM integration for Canvas provides instructors with:

  • Scheduling recurring class ZOOM meetings within Canvas
  • Access ZOOM class attendance and poll reports
  • Starting ZOOM meetings within Canvas
  • Organization of all recurring meetings and Cloud recordings
  • Canvas ZOOM meetings get posted to the student Canvas calendar

ZOOM integration for Canvas gives students the following functionality:

  • View and join upcoming ZOOM class meetings
  • View previous meeting recordings
  • Schedule their own ZOOM class group meetings
Using ZOOM within Canvas is recommended
Student View

ZOOM Meeting Passcode

Please Note! All new meetings should have a meeting password. Learn more about this at Zoom Passcodes and Waiting Rooms

Download and use your DU login account

Download the ZOOM software and make sure you sign in using SSO ( and password):

Verify that you see the after your email. If not, click Switch Account or Sign Out