Zoom allows you to save your meeting recording on your local hard drive or online “cloud”. This option is available to all instructors, staff and students.





Benefits of cloud recording:

  • Easy to share video recording via unique web link.
  • Add a password to your recording for extra security.
  • Automatic captioning is generated on your video with 80-90% accuracy.
  • Searchable audio transcript to locate keywords within the meeting.
  • Interactive audio transcript allows users to click on a time based transcript.
  • Trim the video recording by using the “Set Playback Range” feature.
  • Display captions on the video player if you want to see them.
  • The meeting host can download their video if they wish. Please note that you can not re-upload a Zoom recording to the cloud.

Benefits of local recording:

  • Higher video quality files that you can further edit using your favorite video editor software.
  • The meeting host can allow multiple people to record the meeting on their computer.
  • Quick off-line access to your recorded meeting on your local computer.
  • Post a higher quality video to YouTube, Vimeo or Kaltura (coming Summer 2018)



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