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DU Portfolio folders can be used to organize multiple files or documents within an ePortfolio. They can also be used as sub-pages within a portfolio to provide a second layer of navigation for your viewers. Here are some instructions for using folders as sub-pages:

Step 1

Log into DU Portfolio at and open the portfolio that you would like to create a folder for. Then, navigate to the page/tab of that portfolio where you will be adding the folder.

Step 2

Click the button to “Add Content”  in the top toolbar, and select “Folder.”

Step 3

identify which column you’d like your album to appear in, select a security setting, and choose a title for your folder. Then, click “Create” to save the folder to the portfolio page.

NOTE: if your page is set up with the default 1 column layout, you will only have 1 option to select from.

Step 4

Use the “Add Files and Rich Content(Text)” button in the bottom right to create/upload a new item to the folder.

Step 5

Use the rich-content editor that opens up for a new file item to add an image, file, media element, or new text item into the folder. Be sure to do this for each individual item if you’d like to re-arrange their order at some point rather than uploading them all together.

NOTE: files uploaded as a “file” will display as a clickable link to download the item. Files uploaded as “inline .pdfs” will display visually on the page, and can be edited similarly to an image by selecting the .pdf once it’s been added to the rich content area, and using the media editing tools to change the dimensions or alignment.

Step 6

Repeat steps 4 & 5 to add additional items to the folder. Use the pencil icon in the top right corner of each item to change it’s title, or modify the content. Use the “Return to..” button in the top left when you’re done adding items to the folder to return to the page where the folder was added.

Step 7

To add additional items to a folder after it has been created, open the editing window for the folder by clicking on the pencil icon in the top right-hand corner of the folder element.

NOTE: If you click the title of the folder, you will open a preview of the content within it rather than the editing window).​

Step 8

Preview the content in a folder by clicking on the title of that folder. This will display the view that any person visiting your portfolio with access to the content (via the security setting) will have when looking at the folder.