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This document was created to help faculty and staff members create closed captions or text transcripts for video or audio files.  By law, we must accommodate students that have officially requested course materials to be accessible. In general, designing all course materials to be accessible by all people is best practice.

Does DU have a free video/audio closed captioning software?

Yes, if you upload your video or audio file into our DU Kaltura MediaSpace system ( or within Canvas (My Media), Kaltura will automatically create closed captions and a downloadable transcript. This method is not 100% accurate but you can use the Close Caption Editor.

Does DU use any 3rd party captions/transcript providers?

Yes, DU at times will use professional 3rd party companies to get high quality (99% accurate) closed captions or transcripts. These are not a free services. If a student with special needs requires captions or transcripts, Disability Services Program (DSP) will pay for services. Here are some vendors:

How to add or request captions depending on the technology type

IF video needs to be directly recorded or uploaded into Canvas, THEN:

IF video was created using TechSmith Camtasia, THEN:

IF audio podcast is from National Public Radio (NPR), THEN:

IF audio podcast does not have a text transcript, THEN:

  • How to Create an Accessible Podcast
  • Record and save audio file.
  • Submit audio file (.wav, .mp3,) to Kaltura or the vendors listed above.  With 3rd party vendors, request that you want a written transcript. You will be notified via email once your transcript is created. Download the transcript in PDF, Plain Text or MS Word. caption-3playMedia-PlainText-Transcript

IF using YouTube and IF you are the video owner, THEN:

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