Teaching with ZOOM – Keeping students engaged and learning (Jae McQueen and Alex Martinez)

This video covers how to increase student engagement using ZOOM features like breakout rooms, chat, and poll questions.

Specific Tasks

How to create a recorded video using ZOOM with PowerPoint or any other program on your computer. Includes instructions for students on how to share their video presentations are also included.

This video introduces the new ZOOM Pro plugin for DU Canvas. The video covers the following:

  • How to download and install ZOOM.
  • How to schedule a ZOOM meeting in Canvas.
  • How to start and manage a ZOOM meeting.
  • How to access ZOOM recordings.
  • How students can use the ZOOM from within Canvas.


How to create and manage breakout rooms for your participants.


How to configure your audio and web camera

Most common ZOOM interface controls

How to share your computer screen using ZOOM

Poll Questions

Virtual Backgrounds

How to Navigate the Security Icon