• Kaltura allows video owners to request closed captions for free.
  • Video owners must request video captions via Canvas or MediaSpace
  • Accuracy ranges from 80-95%.
  • Video owners can edit video captions via online editor.
  • Captions take 10-30 minutes, depending on length of the video.

How to Request Closed Captions

If you have already uploaded a video into your Canvas course that has Kalutra activated, go to My Media and click the video title that you wish to add closed captions.

Select Captions Requests from the Actions drop-down menu.

Press the Submit button to start the captioning services.

After you click Submit, you will see that captions are in the Pending phase. Captions take from 5-30 minutes to process.

Editing Captions

Once you captions are done, go back and review the quality of the captions. You can edit the captions by clicking the small pencil icon.

In the Closed Captions Editor, play your video to inspect captions. Click the caption text to edit. Click Save to save changes.

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