Using ZOOM to Record a Video Presentation

ZOOM allows you to record your computer screen and voice to create a video that you can share with others via Canvas or a private web link. In this tutorial, we will illustrate how to use the ZOOM Cloud Recording option to record a presentation and share the video with someone.

ZOOM Download and Login Instructions

Go to and click the “Download ZOOM” option.

Click the “ZOOM Client for Meeting” button. Run the installation. (You will only need to do this once.)

Click the “Login with SSO” option.

Type in “udenver” in the company domain box and press continue.

Type in your DU email and password.

ZOOM Recording Instructions

Click “Start without Video”. If you want to record yourself with your computer webcam, select “Start with video”. You can switch back and forth if you want during your presentation.

Click Record button and select “Record to Cloud” option; you are now recording. If you plan on uploading the video to DU VideoManager or Canvas, select “Record on this Computer”.

Select your main screen to record and press the “Share Screen” button.

Press the “More” menu option and select “End Meeting”.


¬†Press the “End Meeting for All” button, this will end your meeting and starts the upload process so stay connected to the Internet.

Share Your Presentation

Check your email from ZOOM. Once you receive your email from ZOOM, you will seen the links that allow you to manage and share your video recording. Email your sharable web link to anyone or add the link to your Canvas course.

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