Photograph of the gmail icon on a laptop computer screen.

At first glance, it may seem as though there is no simple mechanism to create an email link within a text item, but this is simply not so. Here are some variations on how to do it.

Method One 

  1. In a portfolio, choose Add Item > Add Text and you’ll see the text editor appear.
  2. Within the text area, type an email address []  followed by the space key. The editor will automatically recognize this as an email address and insert the necessary code.


Method Two

  1. Perform all the steps in Method One.
  2. Take the additional step on clicking upon the “Source code” button within the editor toolbar. This summons the Source Code Editor.
  3. Find the text between the anchor tags [<a href=””></a>]  and change it to whatever is desired [<a href=””>User Name</a>].



Method Three

  1. If you are completely comfortable with HTML… summons the Source Code Editor and type away 🙂
Note that any use of the Source Code Editor can be destructive. There is always an element of risk when dealing with HTML which could, in some circumstances, corrupt certain items.

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