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Retention rules for DU Kaltura MediaSpace

Retention: All Kaltura media will be retained automatically for up to 2 years.

Removal: Media that has been inactive, not been viewed, for 2 years will be marked for removal. Video entries in Kaltura have 2-3 video copies that are created for low and high bandwidths, called flavors. After two years of inactivity, the flavors will be removed. After 4 years of inactivity, the entire record will be removed.

Once a media entry is marked for removal, an email will be sent to the media owner including instructions on how to take action to extend the life of the entry if necessary.

How can I flag my content for permanent retention?

Any videos of significant long-term value to DU should be considered for permanent retention by the University Archives.

If you wish for your Kaltura media to be considered for permanent retention, you can use the “Archive Video?” field and select Yes. This is located on the Details page of each media entry.

One of our Kaltura administrators will contact you to learn more about your archival needs.

University of Denver – Schedule of Retention 

Videos considered DU historical items must be retained for 5 years.

These videos may be of significant long-term value to DU fit these guidelines: Any item that is illustrative of the history of the University or one of its component organizations. Scrapbooks, print matter, clippings, still and moving images, photographs, digital images, microfilm, audio, video, digital media, negatives, slides, video, audio, film, recordings.  

Retention Period: 5 years 
Disposition: University Archives

Media Publishing Schedule by Date Range

DU MediaSpace allows you to select a date range of when your media content is viewable, based on individual retention and use needs.

Use a publishing date range for 1) special license agreements with a publisher 2) video content that will become outdated 3) video content that is only relevant for a specific date range. Steps:

  1. Go to DU MediaSpace
  2. Click on your video title
  3. On the Media Details Tab, scroll down to the Publishing Schedule and select your publish dates.

Who to contact?

If you have any questions about retention best practices for long-term use of your Kaltura content, please contact us at