Audio Only Podcast

If you upload an audio-only file (mp3,m4a) to your Kaltura My Media, you will be provided a special embed code for your media player that includes an accessible interactive transcript. Play the example below.

The interactive transcript shown above improves the accessibility for this audio-only media because it allows a hard of hearing or deaf person to still access the content.

Embed Code

After you have uploaded your audio-only file (mp3,m4a) to your MediaSpace My Media, MediaSpace will provide a special audio player that includes an interactive transcript. The image below illustrates how to copy the embed code for this audio-only file. You can copy this HTML code to your website.

Picture of media share embed code. The embed code can be used to post this audio-only on any website.

How to create a video podcast

If you are instructor that uses a lot of video, this tutorial will show you how to create a video podcast in order for your on-the-go students to access your video or audio recordings.