Photo of a flashdrive

Step 1

Log into your DU Portfolio account at and open the portfolio site that you plan to add files to.

Step 2

Click on the “Add Content” tool in the top navigation menu and select the type of content/file that you will be uploading from the menu; Rich Content (all text items, file types, images, etc.), Images, Files, Embed Code, or Inline PDFs.

Note: All file types will be uploading using the Rich Content editor tool.

Step 3

Identify which column (if the page is set up with a multi-column layout) to upload the file to, and select a security setting to determine who should be able to view and/or download the file.

Note: The Private setting will hide the file from anyone but you (or another manager if you’re using a community portfolio). The Public setting will allow anyone with the URL to your portfolio site to view/download the file. The University setting will hide the file from anyone except members of the DU community who have logged into the DU Portfolio system. The Community setting is only available in a Community Portfolio site – content with this security setting will only be visible to members of the portfolio community (see the following guide for help with adding or removing community members). You can also create a custom security group in the Settings area of your portfolio if you’d like a specific group of people to have access to the content.

Step 4

Select the “Direct Upload Option” from the text editor tool-bar that you will be using to add your file; Image, File, or PDF.

  • Image uploads will display .jpg, or .png files at the original size dimensions of the image. You can resize images using the editor tools that appear when you click on an uploaded image, or the editor tool in the top row of the text editor tool-bar.

  • File uploads will display as a clickable link to download the file. This option can be used for .doc, .docx, .xcel, .pdf, and more. Note: If you choose to upload a .pdf as a file, it will not display visually on the page.

  • PDF uploads will display visually on the page once uploaded. Note: You can click on the preview of an inline PDF once added to the rich content editor to change it’s dimensions and alignment on the page if preferred.

Step 5

Click the “Add” button in the bottom right-hand corner of the text editor window to save the file upload to your portfolio page.