ZOOM allows you to record your computer webcam and voice to create a video that you can share with others. In this tutorial, we will illustrate how to use the ZOOM Cloud Recording option to record webcam interview and share the video with someone.

What You Will Need

  • A computer webcam and microphone. Many newer computers have built-in webcams and microphone but if you do not, you can buy an external webcam-microphone.
  • A computer with 2GB or more of file storage.
  • A quiet room with good lighting.
  • Webcam should be placed about 5-10 feet away from the people being interviewed.

ZOOM Download and Login Instructions

DU-2U Online Students

DU-2U Students: If you are part of the 2U online programs (GSSW-onLine, MBA-onLine), log into ZOOM at http://zoom.us with your DU email and password OR access ZOOM via your 2U course LMS. Click on “Meetings” page and then click “Start Instant Meeting,” in Zoom. 2U students, please jump to step “Conduct Your Interview” down below.

Image Caption: If you are a DU 2U online student, click Start Instant Meeting. All other DU students, please refer to the instructions below.

On-Campus Students

If you are an on-campus DU student, please use https://udenver.zoom.us

Click the “ZOOM Client for Meeting” button. Run the installation. (You will only need to do this once.)
Click the “Login with SSO” option in order to log in using your DU email and password. This will allow you to use the full version of ZOOM that the University has licensed.
Type in “udenver” in the company domain box and press continue.
Type in your DU assigned email and password.

ZOOM Recording Instructions

Click “Start with video” if you want to activate your webcam.
Click the Record button and then select Record to the Cloud.

2U Students: Students enrolled in the 2U online programs do not need to activate their cloud recorder in ZOOM, it will automatically start recording once your start your ZOOM meeting. 2U courses using ZOOM will automatically record and activate your webcam when you start a meeting.

Conduct your Interview

Once you have started your ZOOM recording, you can now start your interview. ZOOM will record everything on your screen and audio. If you are conducting your interview with a person at a remote location, make sure you send the ZOOM invite website address to your partner.

Tip: Make sure to record in a quiet room, the audio is very important! Speak loud, clear and not too fast. The audio part of your video will generate a text transcript.

Stop your Interview

Click End Meeting to stop the recording. Once you confirm to end the meeting, the recording will be uploaded to the ZOOM Cloud server. Wait 5-20 minutes to receive an email from ZOOM that includes the link to your video.

Email Message and Sharing Your Presentation

ZOOM will send you an email once your video is ready. Once you receive your ZOOM email, you will seen the links to allow you to manage and share your video recording. Email your sharable web link to anyone or add the link to your Canvas course.