Using ZOOM within Canvas

If you are using the built-in ZOOM integration within Canvas (recommended method of using ZOOM in Canvas), your students will not notice any changes because ZOOM includes the meeting Passcode within the ZOOM JOIN button (see image below).

Students click Join to enter ZOOM meeting

Do I need to take any action as the instructor for my ZOOM Canvas meetings?

Yes, we recommend editing the recurring meeting series and set a Passcode for your recurring meetings.

Passcodes are meant to keep unwanted random callers from joining your session.  These can be simple 4 or 5 digit numbers that you randomly select.  You will not need to recall these numbers, nor share with the class in order to join.  It will be included in the JOIN button or URL that’s given to students, and if you need to invite a guest speaker, you can copy the JOIN URL send it to your guest.  The passcode will be visible on the edit meeting page in plain text, so please don’t choose your existing SSN, bank PINs, garage codes, etc.

How do I edit existing ZOOM meetings?

In your Canvas course, click on Zoom on the left navigation, and then click on the Topic name for your existing meeting to bring up the details for this series.

Click Edit this meeting at the bottom of the page

In the Security section, click the checkbox next to Passcode and enter a series of numbers.

Click Save and it will update all occurrences of this meeting (if you are editing a series).

If you created individual meetings, please repeat the steps for each meeting. It is recommended that you have recurring ZOOM meetings for your Canvas course, it makes things a lot easier.

For new meetings, please check the security Passcode option for any new meeting.

What happens if I don’t take any action?

Zoom will automatically turn on the Waiting Room option for any previously created Zoom meeting that does not have an entry Passcode set. As an instructor, you will have to approve each student that enters your ZOOM meeting room IF the instructor (Zoom Host) has not created a meeting security passcode. Please create a meeting passcode to avoid hassles!

What if I don’t use the ZOOM page within Canvas?

If you already have a Passcode or Waiting Room on, there will be no change to how you schedule meetings.
If Passcodes are added to existing meetings, calendar invites need to be resent to include the Passcode. If Passcodes are added to new meetings, the Passcode will automatically be embedded into the meeting link (unless you have specifically disabled this feature)
Enabling Waiting Room for new or existing meetings does not affect calendar invitations.

Credits: Ryan Garrett

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