If an instructor has created a video assignment as outlined in  “Kaltura – Creating a Video Assignment in Canvas“, the instructor can send the following instructions below to students to help them upload their video assignment using the Kaltura My Media tool.

Note: Uploading a large video file from a slow Internet connection may take a long time to complete. To reduce the video file size, refer to “How Can I Reduce My Video File Size?

Students: Submit Video Assignment Using Kaltura

    1. In your Canvas course, click the Assignments link.
    2. Click on Submit Assignment.
    3. Read the instructions and then click the Submit Assignment button.
    4. After clicking the Submit Assignment button, the Text Entry window will appear. Click the blue V icon to view the More External Tools menu. Select Embed Kaltura Media from the drop-down list.
    5. In the Embed Kaltura Meda window, you can do either of the following:
      1) Add new media by clicking the Add New button.
      2) Select media you’ve already uploaded by clicking the Select button.
    6. After you select your media, you will see a large grey box in the text area. This is your video.
    7. Add any comments you would like your professor to see in the Comments text box.
    8. When you are satisfied with your assignment, click the Submit Assignment button to send it to your instructor.

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