Options for sharing media using Kaltura

Inside of Canvas

After you have activated Kaltura in your Canvas course, there are a few ways to embed media (video/image/audio) content into Canvas. Once you see My Media in your Canvas course navigation menu, you can start adding media by clicking My Media – Add Media button. Please note, content in My Media is private, only you can see it.

  • Add media into a Canvas Media Gallery (student visible).
  • Add media on any Canvas page using the Rich Text Editor tool.
  • Add media objects on any Canvas discussion board using the Rich Text Editor tool.
Add your Kaltura media on any Canvas page using the Rich Text Editor.
Embed your Kaltura media content on any Canvas page using the Canvas Rich Text Editor.
Share several Kaltura media objects using the Kaltura Media Gallery.
The Kaltura Media Gallery allows you share media content with your students. Content can be organized into a series of playlists.
Kaltura Media Gallery Playlist Embed Code.

Add a Playlist to a Canvas page via iframe embed code
Copy and paste your playlist embed code. Paste the code on any Canvas page using the HTML editor option.


To upload videos directly to a course Media Gallery:

  1. In the course navigation menu of your Canvas course, click Kaltura: Media Gallery.

    If the Kaltura: Media Gallery is not available in the course navigation menu, an instructor will need to add it via Settings > Navigation. For more, see How to Activate Kaltura in Canvas.

  2. On the Media Gallery screen, click Add Media.
  3. On the Add Media screen, open the Add New menu and choose Media Upload.
  4. Click Choose a File to Upload, locate the file on your computer, and then select it. Kaltura will display a green progress bar as the file uploads.
  5. On the “Upload Media” page, confirm or update the display name (“Name”) for the uploaded field and optionally enter a description and tags.
  6. Click Save.

Outside of Canvas

  • Instructors, staff and students will have access to Kaltura MediaSpace – http://mediaspace.du.edu
  • All your Kaltura media objects added via Canvas will also be available to you in your MediaSpace account.
  • Media objects can have a direct link to share access.
  • Instructors and staff can create MediaSpace Channels to share private videos.



For additional information, see the Kaltura Video App for Canvas User Guide.

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