Student Response Systems (Clickers)

1ClickerClickers use radio frequency technology to transmit and record student responses to questions and instructors use them to help keep their students engaged in what’s going on in class.

Student Response System, or “Clicker” technology, is an effective way to create an interactive learning environment that:

  • Bridges accessibility gaps
  • Engages students by promoting classroom participation
  • Creates dynamic distance learning environments

What are Clickers?

  • Clickers are response cards that are used to vote on questions projected in the classrooms.
  • Responses are collected using a small wireless USB receiver that plugs into the computer in the classroom and are displayed in a histogram when voting has finished.
  • Clickers require that software is installed on the computer that is being used to present in the classroom.  The software can be downloaded here: PC- Install

If you are using a Mac, please our office for install instructions.

TurningPoint (TP) is the standard student response system (clicker) used by the University of Denver. Students may purchase clickers from the DU Bookstore and instructors should include orders for clickers in their book orders.

How should I use Clickers?

It is no secret that students will be more engaged and involved when they are asked meaningful questions.  Meaningful questions require students to think critically and allow instructors to address student needs.

How Can I Learn More?

7 Things you should know about Clickers Educause Learning Initiatives provides 7 quick facts about clickers and how it is reshaping the use of technology in classrooms.

How Can I Get Started?

Get DU support for clickers from the Office of Teaching & Learning at 303-871-2084 or email

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