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Engage in the reflective practice of research of pedagogical and curricular design and implementation practices that impact student learning and making those findings public.

What is the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning?

There are multiple ways that the concept of scholarship can be connected to teaching.  For example, educational research involves rigorous and systematic study of educational environments to build theory and understanding of the way people learn.  Pat Hutchings and Lee Schulman (1999), of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, distinguished scholarly teaching (classroom practice informed by current research and ideas about teaching), from the scholarship of teaching (investigations of classroom practice and resulting learning that are publically presented and subject to peer review).

At the University of Denver, in the Office of Teaching and Learning, the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is defined more distinctly as engaging in research regarding pedagogical and curricular design and implementation practices that impact student learning. SoTL research is an example of reflective practice in higher education that is publically shared and reviewed by a community of peers.

Characteristics of SoTL Research

  • It reflects the natures, values, fundamental concepts and modes of inquiry specific to our  disciplines.
  • It considers learning assessments and outcomes.
  • It inquires into the effectiveness of aims and research into teaching and learning.
  • It responds to the need for continuous improvement resulting from reflection and inquiry.
  • It communicates new questions and knowledge about teaching and learning.

DU SoTL Faculty Learning Communities

Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) are informal cross-disciplinary groups, facilitated and run by faculty members, that meet regularly to explore teaching topics in depth. Participants in FLCs learn from each other, investigate and assess teaching methods within a supportive cohort and reflect and become more purposeful about their current practice

Teaching Conference and Journal Directory

Teaching Conference Directory

Kennesaw State University has an award-winning website for finding teaching conferences through the use of a menu which sorts by city, state, country, discipline and topic in higher education.

Teaching Journal Directory

Kennesaw State University also has a directory which allows you to find journals by discipline and topic in higher education. These are useful when looking for journals to submit manuscripts for publication and for reading about innovative teaching ideas.