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Choose a quarter or year-long topical group to learning together around a book, course, or other engaging ideas.

Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) are informal cross-disciplinary groups, facilitated and run by faculty members, that meet regularly to explore teaching topics in depth. Participants in FLCs learn from each other, investigate and assess teaching methods within a supportive cohort and reflect and become more purposeful about their current practice.

Whether you are a new faculty member looking to learn teaching tips, or an experienced faculty member seeking new insights, FLCs are a fun way to connect with other instructors and gain new perspectives. By meeting regularly (for example, every three weeks), FLCs allow you to dig deep into questions about teaching and learning and become more purposeful about your teaching.

The Inclusive Communication Faculty Learning Community is an informal gathering of DU tenure-track and teaching-track faculty who come together to engage in meaningful dialogue and hands-on application of best practices in inclusive pedagogy. We seek to build community, participate in a genuine discussion of our teaching, and exercise best practices for immediate implementation in our classrooms. This 2 quarter learning community begins in the fall with a focus on course design, and continues in winter focusing on discussion facilitation and classroom management.

Past Faculty Learning Communities

  • Inclusive Classroom Communication
  • Teaching in Internationally-Diverse Classrooms
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Research Group
  • New Advances in College Pedagogy
  • Hybrid Learning Community

Who to contact?

Contact our office if you have an idea or are interested in facilitating a Faculty Learning Community.

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New Faculty Learning Community

Connect with other new faculty members to gain new perspectives and engage in meaningful dialogue and hands-on application of best practices in inclusive pedagogy. 

Student Faculty Partnership Program

Partner with students and faculty members in exploring how we can create more engaging, inclusive, learning-rich environments for every student.

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Sentipensante Faculty Learning Community

Join peers for conversation and exploration of Laura Rendon’s book; Sentipensante: Sensing/Thinking

Peer to Peer Conversations

Connect with peers to gain wisdom, perspective, and deeper understanding of your professional/personal problem of practice.

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