The Teaching and Learning Online (TLO) Program is a micro-credentialing program designed to prepare faculty to teach online (or integrate more online components into their face-to-face teaching). This program will guide faculty through quality online course development and delivery. Faculty new to teaching online or faculty interested in advancing their online teaching practices are encouraged to participate. This program is for all faculty lines and titles.  

Micro-credential programs allow earners to showcase skills, competencies, or achievements gained from learning experiences. Digital badges are the visual representation of having earned a micro-credential and link to the faculty’s unique program artifacts. Please visit the DU Micro-credential Program page for more information.  

There are currently two ways to engage with the TLO program. First, is the Foundational Badge followed by the Intermediate Badge option. Learn more about each track below. 

TLO Program Target Audience

The TLO program is designed for faculty interested in learning more about teaching online. Whether it is your first time teaching online or your 100th time teaching online, this program will have opportunities for you. Click through the exclamation marks on the computer screen image below to learn more about who we have identified as the target audience. Spoiler alert, we consider nearly all faculty at DU eligible! If you have any questions about eligibility, email

TLO Foundational Badge

Program Overview: The Teaching and Learning Online (TLO) Foundational Badge provides professional development opportunities relevant for online teaching practices, including course design, community building, facilitation practices, and accessibility. As participants engage with online short courses, collaborate with their peers, and create deliverables, they will be able to effectively and creatively design and teach online courses. Participants will have a unique set of experiences based on their professional development goals by choosing their own adventure. 

Program Learning Outcome: Faculty participants will identify opportunities to enhance student learning through effective online teaching practices.


The following images represent each of the skills gained in the Foundational Badge program

instructional planning
digital accessibility

Earning Criteria

Participants will need to complete all of the following in order to receive the TLO Foundational Badge. 

  1. Educational Experiences – Participants will complete the Introduction to Teaching and Learning Online (TLO) short course and two additional OTL short courses of their choosing.  

  2. Assessment of Learning – Participants will submit a Reflective Essay with the final deliverable in each short course they complete (2 total).

  3. Presentation of Learning – Participants will create an Online Presentation demonstrating their learning and next steps for applying what was learned. 

Need more information before applying? Schedule a consultation with a Faculty Developer in the OTL to discuss program requirements and expectations. 

TLO Intermediate Badge

Program Overview: The Teaching and Learning Online (TLO) Intermediate badge program allows faculty to engage deeper in an area of online learning relevant to their professional teaching goals. Participants will employ reflective practice, independent research, project design, networking, and presentation skills. Upon completion, participants will be able to discuss and address actionable ways to integrate online learning practices into their discipline.   

Program Learning Outcome: Faculty participants will identify, develop practices, and reflect on a specialized area of teaching and learning online.


The following images represent each of the skills gained in the Intermediate Badge program

project implementation

Earning Criteria

Participants will need to complete all of the following in order to receive the TLO Intermediate Badge. 

  1. Educational Experience – Participants must complete the asynchronous reflective and narrative writing activity. This will support participants in choosing an area of teaching online that they wish to engage deeper with for the project. 

  2. Independent Research – Participants will explore an area of teaching online through independent research.

  3. Project Design and Implementation –  Participants will design and implement a project relevant to the area of teaching online that they have independently explored. Participants are encouraged to consult with a Faculty Developer in the OTL when determining their proposal.

  4. Presentation – Participants will present the results of their project in an online or face-to-face format. They will create an artifact to represent their project which will be displayed in the electronic badge. 

Need more information before applying? Schedule a consultation with a Faculty Developer in the OTL to discuss program requirements and expectations. 

TLO Badge Earners

2023 Foundational

2024 Intermediate

Brad Benz | University Writing Program

Carrie Olson | Morgridge College of Education

Clayton Kuklick | Graduate School of Professional Psychology

Kathleen Novak | Daniels College of Business

Mei Yin | Department of Mathematics 

Michael Gallagher | Department of Communication Studies

Stefan DuBois | Center for World Languages and Cultures

Clayton Kuklick | Graduate School of Professional Psychology

Frequently Asked Questions

Participation in the TLO program is encouraged for faculty who are interested in learning evidence-based approaches to teaching online. This program is ideal for faculty who teach primarily online, however, faculty who want to incorporate more online components for their face-to-face courses can engage deeply throughout this program as well. 

For the Foundational Badge, cohort applications are open in April/May for the Summer Cohort and August/September for the Academic Year Cohort. Please contact the Faculty Developer of Online Learning for non-cohort applications. 

For the Intermediate Badge, applications are open year-round. 

Absolutely! The best way to accurately and thoughtfully recommend a pathway for faculty would be through an individual consultation. Prior to this consultation, you will be asked to do some reflective work around your online teaching goals. During the consultation, an OTL staff member will walk you through a recommended plan. 

The expected timeline will vary per participant and per badge track. You can expect to spend 3-6 months working towards your micro-credential. 

Foundational Badge Timeline: 

  • Pilot Cohort (June-September 2023)
  • Post-Pilot Cohort (October 2023 – May 2024)
  • Non-Cohort Options Available – Just reach out to the program facilitator
  • Department Specific Cohorts – May also be available, please reach out to the facilitator

Intermediate Badge Timeline:

  • Enrollment may begin as early as September 2023
  • The time to complete will depend on the project design and implementation plan per participant but can be expected to take 10-15 hours and can be completed within one academic quarter/semester or throughout an academic year

Completers of the Foundational and/or Intermediate options for the TLO program will earn a digital badge. Stipends are available for individual short course completion and will not be given for completion of the TLO program. 

Visit our OTL Short Course Catalog for a complete list of course descriptions, outcomes, and deliverables. You are also welcome to sign up for an OTL consultation with an Instructional Designer or Faculty Developer to help identify which courses might best suit your professional teaching goals. 

The Intermediate Badge is an opportunity to advance your skills with teaching online. As outlined above, this opportunity allows faculty to engage deeper into a topic related to online learning. Throughout the Intermediate Badge, you will interact with folks in the OTL, collaborate with colleagues, and present on your learning. This program might not be for everyone, but if you are interested apply! 

Continue engaging with the OTL. See our Event Calendar to find upcoming opportunities. 

The following include our available short courses. Follow the link to our Short Course Catalog, or click on the courses below that interest you most. There, you will find detailed information about the course description, intended learning outcomes, expected deliverables, and other relevant information. 

Faculty are welcome to take the short courses in any sequence and at any time. If you want to engage with the badge program, you must apply before completing a short course. You will not be able to receive a badge by retroactively applying the earning criteria.  

Have additional questions? Reach out to the Faculty Developer of Online Learning, Lexi Schlosser